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Swiss Photos: Trains

The MOB near Schönried 1991

Steam locomotive in Swiss Transport Museum, Luzern, 1998

Saanen station (MOB line) 1999 - railfan shot only

Gstaad station (MOB line) 1999 - railfan shot only

Cab of an older MOB locomotive 1999

The MOB near Oeschseite 1996

The MOB near Schönried 1996

The MOB near Schönried 1996

Between the cars of an MOB train, at speed, 1999, what I like to call 'Mr. Toad's Wild Ride'

An MOB work train at Gstaad, 1998

Viaduct on the Furka Oberalp, 1998

Jan at Oeschseite station (MOB line), 1998. One of my favorite stations and certain to be closed eventually. Perfect rest stop for a hike between Zweisimmen and Schönried. Interesting note - whenever your train passes this point the passengers, who are mainly Swiss, will attempt to say the name, which is apparently humorous and difficult.

This old-timer was taken from the Transport Museum, restored and used for the summer season of 1996 on the Vitznau-Rigi line, in celebration of its 125th anniversary. The Lok is unique for having an upright boiler.

Official logo of the 125th annivversary of the Vitznau-Rigi Bahn, 1871-1996

Lok 7 of the Vitznau-Rigi Bahn, back in the Transport Museum for another 25 years, 1998

The Vitznau-Rigi Bahn milk run, 1996. Note the reflection of the milk cans in the windshield - looks like they are inside. These red trains ascend the Rigi mountain from a different side than the Arth-Goldau (blue) trains (not shown), but apparently are now operated by the same company.

Steam locomotive with wooden-clad boiler in the Swiss Transport Museum, 1998

Ralph in locomotive cab at Swiss Transport Museum, 1998

The Deutsche Bahn ICE (Inter-City Express) 'Thunersee', at Bern in 1999. This high-speed train travels from Hamburg to Interlaken, but achieves top speed only in Germany. A very fine train which we use within Switzerland frequently, and for which reservations are not needed for short trips.

Chateau d'Oex (pronounced 'day') station (MOB line)

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