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Swiss Photos: Lifts & Gondolas

Explanation: A CHAIRLIFT (2-3 people) is a SESSELBAHN. A GONDOLA LIFT (4-6 people) is a GONDELBAHN. A CABLEWAY (many people, standing) is a LUFTSEILBAHN. A FUNICULAR (cable car with tracks) is a STANDSEILBAHN. Funiculars are not shown on this page.

View of Schönried and Gstaad (in the distance) from Rellerli Gondelbahn, 1999.

View of the Lauterbrunnen valley from the spectacular and free Stetchelberg-Mürren Luftseilbahn. If you continue up from the Mürren station (not free) you will reach the Schilthorn, used in a James Bond film.

The Mannlichen Luftseilbahn, above Lauterbrunnen, 1996.

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